What’s a shrub?

Unveiling the rich history of shrub beverage making

Ancient Roots:

Shrub beverages have an intriguing history dating back to the 1400's. Before refrigeration was a thing, vinegars were used to preserve fresh fruits and after awhile, a shrub was created. This ancient technique evolved into a cherished drink loved for its unique flavour profile and aromatic notes.

Medieval Marvel:

The medieval era witnessed the rise of shrubs as a popular beverage across Europe. Nobles and commoners savoured these concoctions, relishing the infusion of fruits, spices, and vinegar, making it a coveted drink of the time.

Colonial Influence:

As history unfolded, shrub beverages traveled to the Americas during the colonial period. Sailors embraced shrubs for their preservation qualities, enjoying a tangy respite from scurvy during long sea voyages.

Revival and Modernity:

Fast forward to the present day, and shrub beverages are experiencing a revival. Bartenders and mixologists hide these behind the bar as their secret weapons, infusing them into modern cocktail culture with innovative twists and flavours.

Crafting Shrub Beverages

The shrub-making process involves a careful balance of fruits, vinegar, and sweeteners. Fruits are macerated to release their essence, combined with vinegar for preservation, and sweetened to create a vibrant, tangy concoction.
Shrub process


Shrubs can be made with just about any combination of fruits, vegetables and/or spices.


Mixing the combination with a sweetener like sugars or honey.


And left to sit in a cool dark place for a period of time until the fruits or vegetables have broken down and are mostly liquid.


Vinegar is added to the strained liquid and left to mellow a few more weeks.


The result is what’s known as a shrub. Sweet, sharp and delicious.
hand squeezing a grapefruit into a cocktail glass with Stickler Shrub Cocktail drink in side

The benefits of drinking shrubs

Beyond their delightful taste, shrub beverages are celebrated for their potential gut-friendly perks. Vinegar is believed to offer digestive aid, while fruits provide essential nutrients and antioxidants.
two can renderings of the Stickler Shrub Cocktails in flavours grapefruit and blackberry lemon

Our Shrubs:

At ZGM Drinks, we honour this storied tradition by crafting artisanal shrubs using premium ingredients. Each shrub flavour is meticulously blended to offer a burst of taste and history in every sip.
cocktail glass with Stickler Shrub Cocktail drink in side garnished with grapefruit rind

Build your own Shrub:

Why not try it yourself? Elevate your drinks with the tangy goodness of shrubs — perfect for cocktails, mocktails, or as a standalone refreshing treat. Come up with something cool? Show us your creation by tagging us on social. We’d love to see it!